energy efficiency audit

Energy Efficiency Audit

You're throwing money away on your utility bills

The Department of Energy estimates that 30% of your heating and cooling costs are due to air leakage. That means that 30% of your bill is used on air that isn't going to heat or cool you or your home.  A separate study concluded that because of incorrectly sized or incorrectly installed HVAC units 3/4 of homes are paying an additional 25-50% extra. Combine those, and that is a lot of money you are spending.


But you don't have to be.

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The solution is easy

The solution is easy

With a home energy audit, all that can be fixed. We'll come through, and see how your insulation is performing, find out where there are air leaks, and check out your HVAC system.

And the savings are great

And the savings are great

After performing the home energy audit we will be able to provide you a list of improvements that can add up to thousands of dollars saved year after year. We'll look at how much each improvement would cost to see if it makes sense, and then we can point you towards the best contractors for the job.

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