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Why build an Energy Star certified home

Why build an Energy Star certified home?

You'll save money while you own it, and you'll make more money when you sell it. Bottom line.


Research shows that green certified homes sell for 5-22% more than comparable homes without green certification. A separate report also showed that homes with green features sell faster than homes without them. So when you go to sell your home, you'll sell it at a higher price and it won't sit on the market nearly as long.


While you own the home, you'll also be saving money. A green certification, like Energy Star or LEED, is projected to save an average of $320-$1290 every year. 

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Energy Star

Energy Star

Energy Star homes are built to be 15-30% more energy efficient than the average new home being built. When you compare an Energy Star home to your average resale home on the market, the savings are even greater.

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Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) are built so efficiently that they can run on zero energy from the grid if you hook them up to a renewable power source. The amazing thing is that you can build these without adding costs. 

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