Absolute confidence that the home is built well

  • Builders can prove to prospects and customers exactly how good their work is

  • Quality assurance that your subcontractors are doing well

  • Buyers can brag to their friends how great their home is

  • Its basically a miles-per-gallon rating for a home

What is a HERS rating?

  • A HERS rating is a score on the efficiency and quality of the home
  • Begins with an energy model
    • Test what will happen to the score (and to the cost) of a build by changing materials, using different HVAC systems, etc
  • Quality assurance checks during the build
    • Make sure that subcontractors are performing work as outlined
    • Verify progress & success BEFORE the drywall goes up
  • Final testing
    • Confirm that the HERS score on the energy model is correct
    • Includes your blower door & duct blaster tests that are needed for code
  • Remember, HERS is like golf & the low score wins
Learn about HERS Ratings

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